¿What are our working criteria?

To ensure maximum compatibility of our projects and their validation in all countries and technologies, we follow the standards set by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), established in 1994.

The W3C is an international consortium that generates recommendations and standards to ensure the long-term growth of the World Wide Web.

One of the most important commitments of the W3C is to promote a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is an initiative of the W3C, aiming to:

  • Develop accessibility guidelines for web content and applications, browsers, and authoring tools.
  • Develop resources to improve the processes and tools for evaluating web accessibility.
  • Support education and outreach about web accessibility.
  • Coordinate with research and development that may impact the future web accessibility.
  • Promote harmonized international acceptance of web accessibility standards.

To describe the web, as our motto asserts, we work with the highest levels of accessibility, such as those defined in the AAA category, which allows maximum interaction with web page content for individuals with severe visual disabilities or blindness. This enables them to access knowledge and information available on the internet and enhances their social integration through it.

¿What do we offer?

Solutions for companies and entities 

We enable companies and entities to be socially responsible by providing greater accessibility and adaptability for people with various disabilities, both in physical and virtual spaces.

Companies and entities can demonstrate this social responsibility by mediating, updating, or implementing solutions in the following areas:

Sensory signage

Adapting the signage systems of spaces to facilitate and make the movement of visually impaired people more inclusive.

Barrier removal

Eliminating or adapting architectural barriers and planning and resizing spaces to allow coherent movement for individuals with various mobility needs.

Our commitment and social responsibility

A part of our revenue is dedicated to supporting, directly and entirely altruistically, actions that improve the lives of individuals or entities that need to apply any of our services.

Social vision

The founders of this project are well aware, some from personal experience, of the problems affecting people with disabilities. We have a social and ethical vision of our objectives and are committed to this community.

Therefore, we will allocate a significant part of our revenue to offer ideas, solutions, and financial resources to associations and groups of people with disabilities to improve their quality of life.

Our contribution is not just personal; we will also collaborate to increase our clients’ involvement in this process.


For many reasons, including the fact that 20% of the world’s population needs accessibility to all types of spaces. We will enable them to access the online world comfortably and work to offer guidance in the physical world as well.

There are thousands of different situations. Obviously, we cannot do everything, but given the prominence of technology and the internet in everyone’s lives, we will be very satisfied if we can include a large number of people in content, services, and experiences that are currently unavailable to them.

And not just blind individuals, but also those with any type of disability or even older individuals who feel excluded from many areas because their needs have not been considered.

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