Accessibility and Mobility For Everyone

We dedicate our work to adapting and improving the technology needed by people with disabilities.

Our team is committed to technological projects that enable a more comfortable life for individuals with disabilities in all areas, from work to home, travel, sports, and anything that affects their social interaction.

What services do we offer

We focus our efforts on creating and enhancing technology designed for people with disabilities

We specialize in technology and consulting services

Our team’s primary activity is the creation and adaptation of websites, but we have expanded our scope to include consulting services.

We offer the expertise of our team members to advise businesses and specialized professionals in developing visual, technological, and architectural solutions, always with the goal of making the lives of people with disabilities as easy as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

Inclusive web pages

We have developed the necessary expertise to apply the requirements of triple A certification and are one of the few companies in Spain to achieve a 98% quality rating.

To achieve this, we have studied vision problems derived from browser source code since 2014 to achieve a seamless adaptation, not only for visually impaired people but also to show them what we see.

Any screen reader used by blind individuals will read and explain the entire context of a web page, conveying its sensitivity through colors, sections, and content.

We continue to learn to improve and create new techniques in advanced programming to make life easier for other people.

Adapted architecture

Our team includes individuals with extensive experience in studying and developing solutions that improve access to buildings, homes, and vehicles, providing architectural solutions wherever needed.

This includes public spaces to enable disabled individuals to access all types of services and facilities and private spaces to ensure maximum efficiency in costs.

Sensory signage

We collaborate in the design and application of advanced signage to facilitate the location of spaces for people with visual impairments. Our work aims to increase autonomy and self-confidence in people with disabilities.

At Virblind, we want to stay ahead so that no one is left behind.


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