You will be able to ear what we see.

We create web pages that allow visually impaired people to feel and share experiences and content, opening a new window to the world for them.

We Give You a Voice

We are a company created to assist individuals with disabilities and adapt technology to improve their daily lives

You are not alone anymore

We are here to help, to create and develop valuable technology that enables you to have a better quality of life

What is virblind

What is Virblind Virblind is short for “virtual blind” in Spanish.

Virtual Blind SL was born with the aim of creating and adapting technology to make the lives of people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion easier.

We are a technology company specialized in the development and adaptation of web pages and online stores to AA and AAA standards, enabling visual-impaired and blind individuals to access and interact with the content according to the criteria established by the W3C Consortium.

Our team also has experience in adapting architectural spaces and technology to the needs of disabled individuals. Leveraging our technological knowledge, we also provide consulting services in various fields.

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¿What do we offer?

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Transformation of web pages to AA and AAA levels

We create and adapt web pages for visually impaired individuals to adjust their contents. For blind individuals, we prepare the content for voice narrators, thus allowing them to experience and understand the content that we see and conveying the sensations.
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Legal consultancy

We defend the interests of people with disabilities who face specific challenges with private companies, communities, and public administrations.
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Technology adaptation

We offer diverse technology adaptations tailored to different types of disabilities, allowing affected individuals to lead easier lives. We provide guidance and consultancy to social entities on how to use and manage these technologies for easy and effective utilization.
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Architectural adaptations

We offer consulting services to adapt or remove barriers that hinder the mobility of people with disabilities. This service is provided to both public and private entities and carried out by specialized professionals.

The path is long, and together, we will achieve success.

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